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3330 West Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85053
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Phone number:
+1 602-866-1016



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Working hours

Monday 09:00am — 06:00pm
Tuesday 09:00am — 06:00pm
Wednesday 09:00am — 06:00pm
Thursday 09:00am — 06:00pm
Friday 09:00am — 06:00pm
Saturday 09:00am — 06:00pm
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  • My-chal Duncan
    Dec, 02 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I love this place and i been here 4months now. BUT its just the water being cut off during whatever time until 230pm and i work at 3pm is a no go for me. So some days I don't get to shower before I go to work (i.e yesterday for instance water was cut off until about 230pm). Also besides my car getting broken into on 4th of july forcing me to go stay at a family members house for almost 2nights because I thought my car tires would be the next thing that they were going to steal. But overall I give it a 3 out of the 5.

    Update 9 months later:
    Ac is always getting cut off for days at a time and mysteriously cuts back on everytime at 8:30pm(can't even lie about this). I document everything thing and that is what I have came up with these past 2 months. Also only for maintenance to come one night at 8pm, was in my apartment for 2 mins, and said the AC compressor is no good. And if they thought I was fooled they can go play that game somewhere else with somebody else. Oh let's not forget the water being shut off randomly. I'm going to say this I pay $830/mo for a one bedroom and u mean to tell me that you don't have the money to pay for the water bill and fix people's "AC COMPRESSORS"(because I have spoke to others and they are experiencing the same thing too). Where is the channel news when you need them because we are being treated inhumane and this needs to be reported. The inconsistencies, rude staff, and this place in general has pissed me off. May 24 can't come any sooner. I wouldn't move here for future residents looking at these apartments look something else.
  • Casey Reeves
    Dec, 15 2017
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    The office staff cares very little about problems you may have. Water is shut off regularly with no notice. EXPENSIVE!
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